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Count Clarence von Rosen
1867 - 1955
Hovstallmästare from 1916.
Father of Modern Olympic Equestrian Competition
While equestrian events might never have returned to the modern Olympics without the diligent efforts of many prominent groups and individuals,
perhaps the one person most responsible was Sweden’s Count Clarence von Rosen. Von Rosen was one of the most prominent sportsmen in
Sweden prior to the 1912 games in Stockholm. He had long been associated with horses, having served in the Swedish Cavalry where he was
selected for special training at the famed Spanish Riding School in Vienna. From 1889 through 1907 he was considered the most popular jockey in
the country, winning 44 races in 132 starts.
Not only was Count von Rosen instrumental in re-establishing equestrian events in the Olympics, he was also a participant in the 1912 games,
and served as a member of the international jury for equestrian competition in the 1924, 1932, and 1936. He also served as a member of the
International Olympic Committee, and as honorary chairman of Federation Equestrian International, the world governing body for equestrian
competitions, from 1935 until his death in 1955.
Awarded orders and medals:
GV:sJmtII - King Gustaf V 90th Birthday medal
GV:sJmT -  King Gustaf V 70th Birthday medal
KVO1kl - Commander first class of the Swedish Order of Vasa 23.5.1928
RSO - Knight the Swdish Order of the Sword 1915
Svgifirbgm -
Svcfigm - 1907 Sveriges centralförenings för idrottens främjande förtjänstmedalj i guld (SvcfiGM) av 9:e storleken Band: mörkblått med en gul rand
i mitten och gula kanter / gul rand på vardera sidan
i silver (SvcfiSM) av 9:e storleken Band: mörkblått med en gul rand i mitten och gula kanter / gul rand på vardera sidan
KAKgm - Kungl. Automobilklubbens förtjänstmedalj (KAKGM) i guld. Kungl. Automobilklubbens förtjänstmedalj (KAKGM) i guld av 8:e storleken
Band: blått med en bred gul rand på mitten och en smal gul rand på vardera sidan Nådigt tillstånd 1942-02-06/1951/1974
KDDO1gr - Commander first class the Danish Dannebrog Order
KNS:tOO1klmkr - Commander first class of theNorwegian St Olav Order
KFinVro1kl - Comander first class of the Finish White Rose Order
KbadBI:sZO2kl - Commander second class of the Badian Bethold the 1st of the Zähringen Order
KFrHL - Commander of theFrench Legion d'Honneur
RPrRÖO2kl - Knight second class of the Prussian Read Eagle Order
RRS:tAO2kl - Knight second class of the Russian St Anna Order
RÖJkrO2kl -Knight second class of the Austrian Iron Crown Order
OFFGrFrO -Officer of the Greek Savior Order